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  • Phase one - Waitākere Ranges plan update

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    Thank you to everyone who shared ideas, insights and gave feedback on what the Waitākere Ranges Local Board should include in their next three-year plan. It has been great to hear from you and see your creative ideas and passion for your communities and neighbourhoods.

    Who we heard from

    We supported, attended and led 12 local opportunities to hear from our communities, including events in collaboration with organisations such as the Glen Eden Methodist Church and Radio Waatea. We also gathered ideas and feedback from the community at six local events held to discuss the Annual Budget in February and early March.

    We heard many of your views face to face at the Waitangi Day celebrations at Hoani Waititi marae, and at the Bethells Beach - Te Henga Community Day. We surveyed local residents through the Auckland People's Panel, and gathered your ideas here on our ideas hub.

    In total we received over 700 contributions from around 600 people.

    What you said

    These are some of the key themes we heard from all the feedback received:

    • you love the Waitākere Ranges - the flora, fauna, amenities, walking and enjoying the surrounding green-space. You want the board to maintain, protect and secure its heritage and unique environment for future generations, and would like to access funding for community-led environmental programmes
    • food resilience and sustainability is a priority. Many of our residents are well known for living sustainable lifestyles, and there is high interest in community gardens, composting and reducing food waste
    • climate change is a priority and you want more opportunities to be involved in decision making around climate action
    • Māori want to be recognised as partners in decision making and reminded us of the importance of an engagement process that works for them. Hoani Waititi marae is a valuable resource for our community and its continued support is vital
    • you told us to recognise and celebrate the wide range of people living in the Waitākere Ranges area. You want programmes, initiatives and events that reflect the diversity of our communities, including Māori, Pasifika, young people, and ethnic groups.
    • harness and support the creative power of our residents - our community is home to many artists and creatives and you value the contribution they make. Diverse ethnic groups want opportunities to showcase their unique talents in contemporary spaces such as Te Uru Gallery.

    Our draft plan will aim to address these priorities. Some of the suggestions were operational rather than strategic e.g. maintenance of x park, and these have been passed on to the relevant teams across council.

    What happens next?

    All 21 of Auckland’s Local Boards are developing their new 2020 Local Board Plans based on what we heard and other inputs such as the Auckland Plan 2050, Long Term Plan, and Annual Budget.

    We have yet to fully determine the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our communities and it may mean some of our plans and aspirations may need to change as a result. Our response will be delivered via the annual budgeting process but the decisions we make will focus on ensuring the benefits for our community.

    In July we will come back to you with an opportunity to have your say on the draft Waitākere Ranges Local Board Plan. We will be back in touch when phase two opens.