How long will these changes take?

    The plans presented are staged to occur over the next five-plus years.  Initially the majority of works will include infrastructure ground works, which will require the temporary removal of some parking, and the construction of the play space.  Following this, there will be changes to the roading layout which will also see changes to car parks. The last stage will be to evaluate the opportunity to create new homes within the precinct across five potential development sites, however this will be dictated by market demand at that point in time.

    Do you own all the land shown in these plans?

    We own the majority of the land in the Waiapu Precinct block bounded by Arthur Street, Selwyn Street, Church Street and Onehunga Mall. The masterplan, which guides the development of the precinct into a high quality mixed-used development, aligning with the strategic objectives of the regeneration for Onehunga, requires some future property acquisitions to support the regeneration of the precinct. The owners of these properties are aware we are interested in acquiring to help deliver this plan. 

    What’s happening to the Enchanted Forest mini-golf?

    The Enchanted Forest is a commercial business operating on a site leased from Auckland Council. The tenant is aware that the site is planned for future development, and we’ve kept them informed of the proposed timing of the future redevelopment of the site. 

    Why are you bringing more housing to the town centre?

    For Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland to meet its housing challenges, more housing is needed closer to the things people want and need, like shops, cafés, schools and reliable transport options. 

    In locations like Onehunga with good access to existing services and public transport networks, neighbourhoods must grow ‘upwards’ to make the best use of this existing infrastructure and great town centre locations.  With more people living in the town centre, there will be more activity for local businesses that isn’t dependent on car parking availability.  

    What else is planned for Onehunga?

    We’re working to breathe new life into this neighbourhood through an urban regeneration programme, on behalf of Auckland Council. These plans are designed to attract more investment, support the growing population and local businesses, and help the town centre flourish in a sustainable way. To find out more about the Onehunga High Level Project Plan visit 

    Why is the car parking changing?

    Car parking will remain an important part of how people access the precinct and the wider town centre, but to enable the transformation of the area into a safer, more welcoming space for people, there will have to be some changes. The changes are also necessary to accommodate the new supermarket and to provide more convenient access for shoppers and visitors to local businesses on Onehunga Mall and the library.  

    In Waiapu Precinct, we’re working closely with a supermarket operator to provide a large number of underground car parks for supermarket customers.  By moving these car parks under the supermarket, it will allow for the creation of public green spaces and improve walking connections.  There will be some public car parks, with a focus on mobility car parks and loading zone parking, on the realigned roads. Closer to Paynes Lane, Dress Smart will be adding car parking spaces to their expansion plans.