How long are these trials?

    The Bader Drive trial will last for at least all of June, and Elmdon Street’s trial will be over one day- June 20th. Changes will be made to either make them permanent, or remove them, depending on the community’s feedback.

    Why are these changes being made?

    ↳We want to see if we can make small upgrades to calm traffic and improve safety for people who want to walk or cycle around the neighbourhood. It’s an opportunity to make Elmdon Street and Bader Drive more accessible for the community.


    Our process is to do this by building a greater sense of community agency. That means ensuring that our project team and outcomes reflect the local and wider Māngere community. 


    Examples of our commitment to this is the engagement of Māngere College students into MAU Academy, and employment of locals to lead our design development, communications and implementation. Most importantly, it means weaving Community Design Workshops into our engagement process. 


    Ultimately, residents, schools, and community organisations are leading the redevelopment of their streets so it reflects their needs, worldviews, and future. 


    How long will this take to install?

    ↳One week, mostly overnight.

    Who is doing these trials?

    ↳This project is funded by Waka Kotahi, and delivered by Kāinga Ora’s large scale development team Māngere Development and Auckland Transport. The project team doing the public engagement, intervention design, and installation is made up of Place Creative (project management + communications,) MAU Studio (co-design + design,) The Roots Collective (activations,) and PTM Consultants (traffic engineering.), Jo Latif (Community Communications)

    Who in the community are you working with?

    ↳The project team is working with Māngere College students to design the interventions based on feedback from locals, as well as community groups like Tararata Stream Guardians, and TwoSevenFive.

    What is a co-design process?

    ↳ A co-design process involves designing, engaging, and communicating with local people, schools, and businesses, using participatory approaches to gather, and input insights and ideas. The goal is to create places and spaces that reflect the needs of diverse communities, using interventions that can be trialled and iterated over time. Attitudes towards sharing power and prioritising relationships are essential to the success of a co-design process. 


    This can include co-design workshops, interactive sessions, and public activities.  

    How can I give feedback?

    The project team will be popping up on Bader Drive outside Māngere College on Tuesday 15th June 3.15pm - 4.15pm with some kai and music, and to have conversations with the community about the project and to gather your feedback.

    We will also be launching a new community survey once the installation is complete to get your feedback. 

    Fill in our community feedback survey here

    Or if you have any questions or feedback please email