Why are you upgrading the ponds?

    Over time, sediment has built up in the Hayman Park pond and water quality has worsened, causing damage to the ecosystem. Litter is also a problem, and some of the pond's features are failing or becoming hard to maintain.

    The proposed new design will turn the pond into a wetland, improving water quality and reducing the risk of flooding in the park. It will also increase the safety and accessibility of the area around the pond. 

    What's the difference between a wetland and a pond?

    Ponds are water features and cannot treat water to improve water quality. 

    Wetlands contain a lot more vegetation - all types of plants that can live in and out of the water, which filter out pollutants such as heavy metals and chemicals. Wetlands also provide habitats for wildlife to thrive in.

    What are you consulting on?

    We want to understand how people currently use the space around the pond and how they'd like to use the space in the future.

    Why are you just upgrading the pond and not the rest of the park?

    The pond is due to be upgraded for maintenance, stormwater and water quality purposes.

    When will the wetland be built?

    The project is to be built in 2022, subject to funding.