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Don't Bunch All Freedom Campers Together as Baddies

by Gally 1,

My partner and I have freedom camped in many places in NZ, including Auckland, for many years. We have loved the unique locations where we have been fortunate to stay, particularly those on the coast with water views. For example, Gulf Harbour.

Years ago, before Self Contained certificates were born we had some pretty old vans that did not have a toilet.

These days we have finally moved up to a modern van with all mod cons - hot shower as well as a toilet!

Yet, regardless of the age and facilities of our vans, neither of us have ever poo'd anywhere but in a toilet. We have never washed our dishes in a public toilets or any other unsuitable place. And we have never left our rubbish behind or on the side of the road. There are lots of campervanners just like us. Some living full time in their vans, some only weekenders, but mostly all responsible. Don't assume we are all irresponsible and that we don't care about our environment. Bring in some rules, the majority of us are OK about that. Just make sure the rules are enforced so we can all enjoy our country.

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