How has this location been chosen?

    The Avondale library and community hub plays a key role in the creation of a new heart for Avondale. Auckland Council and Panuku carried out a process to identify the best site for a new library and community hub in Avondale. The report which summarises this process is available on Auckland Council’s website or Google search : Whau LB Agenda 27 Feb 2019

    The identified site was chosen because it would maximise the benefits of co-locating a new library and community facility, town square and open space. This future proofs the development of Avondale and enhances the connectivity to and through the town centre.

    Where is the spider statue in the design?

    The spider statue, a well-known local identity, has moved around Avondale over the years - from the second hand store, to the petrol station and more recently the town square. With the construction planned for the town square and the new library and community hub, we are helping the Avondale Business Association with its location options. They will update the community late 2021 on the spider statue's condition and location options.

    Why is the building yellow?

    The colour and the materials of the building have not been decided yet. The drawings are yellow to create some contrast and make it easier to read.

    What community engagement have you done?

    We’ve had conversations with mana whenua, our stakeholders and the Avondale community over a number of years, and from these conversations we’ve created a draft design for the new Avondale library and community hub.

    We have also gathered information through a variety of methods including events and documents including Stand Up Avondale, Our Future Avondale, the Whau Pacific Peoples Plan, the Ethnic Peoples Plan as well as the multi-purpose community facility design brief. 

    The report which summarises feedback can be found on Auckland Council’s website or Google search: Whau LB Agenda 28 August 2019

    What about the Avondale racecourse?

    The library and community hub with its surrounding space, has been designed with the possibility that the racecourse may be developed in the future.

    What’s happening with the swimming pool?

    The Whau aquatic and recreation centre project is currently on hold due to COVID-19 and the council’s Emergency Budget 2020-2021. It remains a key priority for the Whau Local Board.

    Funding to progress the project is included in the Recovery Budget 2021-2031, subject to decisions to be made by the mayor and councillors in June 2021.

    What about car parking?

    Sixteen short-term car parks are proposed to be included in the library and community hub on Great North Rd.

    What's happening with Avondale Central (old 3Guys) site?

    Panuku acquired the Avondale Central site (also known as the Bai site or Three Guys site) at 1919-1949 Great North Road in 2017. Our vision for the site is for high quality shops, businesses and homes. The site will also have a good connection to the town square and library and community hub.

    Now that the size and positioning of the Avondale library and community hub is known, Panuku is working towards finding a development partner for the site. This will happen in late 2021.