Will there be more planting?

    Yes, additional planting is scheduled for the planting season in 2022.

    Would the tracks be closed during construction?

    The construction of the new track would only require a fairly short closure of the existing track when materials are being brought on to site. Some temporary construction fencing would be installed at junctions of the new and existing tracks for safety and the protection of walkers on the existing track.

    Can you avoid the use of stairs?

    Without these steps the path would have to zig zag up the hill and require the removal of existing vegetation.

    Why can’t we make the new path accessible?

    Construction of wheelchair accessible path would require construction of a zigzag track and removal of existing vegetation, thus triggering a resource consent. It is therefore recommended to only install box steps to negotiate the steep section of the track instead (this would not require removal of existing vegetation).

    Would the new track be suitable for bikes?

    No, the existing and proposed tracks are for pedestrians only.  There are suitable mountain bike tracks at the Grey Lynn Pump Track    more can be found here

    What are some of the potential benefits of adding the new track??

    We are proposing a new loop track to enable a unique opportunity for people to experience a native bush area in inner city Auckland.  a unique native bush experience providing an opportunity for the public to enjoy the beauty of the emerging and growth of the native forest.

    The new track would also have several other advantages such as:

    • providing a defined route for people to access the western part of the stand but protect young plants as they continue to grow by keeping people on the tracks
    • a short, elevated route that would enable all age groups to undertake the walk. 
    • A reason for all users and visitors to the park to use and engage with this elevated section of the park as the native loop track would be a destination in its own right (rather than the existing access track which is primarily used to cut between West View Road and the Park).
    • An opportunity for local schools and early childhood centers to learn about native plant species and identification which will showcased through the loop track.