Why do we need a bylaw to regulate stormwater?

    The Bylaw provides the council with the ability to manage and protect the public stormwater network by enabling construction standards to minimise damage, interference, misuse, and nuisance. It also helps in regulating the private stormwater network which connects and contributes to the public stormwater network. Section 4 of the Bylaw describes the main purpose. 

    How does the Bylaw relate to the Resource Management Act 1991 and the Building Act 2004?

    The Resource Management Act through the Auckland Unitary Plan regulates activities and their effect on the environmentThe Building Act 2004 regulates the building industry and structures through the Building Code. The Stormwater Bylaw assists the council to regulate the stormwater network, especially around protecting our stormwater pipes and treatment systems. 


    Stormwater Bylaw 2015 

    RMA 1991 

    Building Act 2004 

    New housing development with a public underground stormwater network 

    Enables the processes to set standards for the public infrastructure such as pipes, manholes, and catchpits, and the vesting of the network to council. 

    Assesses the environmental effects of the development including new impervious areas and how they are mitigated. 

    Ensures the individual houses have appropriate plumbing and drainage that connects to the public network.  

    How will the Bylaw change (would it be necessary) in light of the proposed Three Waters reform?

    The details of the legislation have yet to be confirmed by the central government. The proposed Bylaw amendments continue to enable the council to regulate land drainage through the management of private stormwater systems and protection of public stormwater networks from damage, misuse, interference, and nuisance. The amendments comply with statutory requirements, are appropriate, and are not inconsistent with key legislation. 

    Any future legislative changes will be considered once the details of the proposed reform become available. 

    Can I provide feedback on the specified technical guidance such as GD01: Stormwater Management Devices Guide?

    We are not receiving feedback on the content of the published documents as part of this proposalThe Bylaw proposal specifies existing council publications such as GD01: Stormwater Management Devices Guide and the Stormwater Code of Practice but does not include the content of the documents. You can provide feedback to the documents through the feedback form on the Auckland Design Manual.