[Upbeat music plays while the words "Auckland has" appear on the screen and then disappear to be replaced by the number "21" in a giant font alongside the text "local board areas". The Auckland Council logo appears on the right and a map of the Auckland region on the left. The map has different coloured areas highlighting the 21 local board areas.]

Auckland has 21 local boards.

Each Auckland Council local board has between five and nine elected members.

[As this sentence appears on the screen, it is accompanied by nine people icons]

There are 149 local board elected members in total.

[Animated numbers tally up the total number of elected members.]

They make the local budget decisions for your local community.

Within your community they work together with the mayor and council’s Governing Body to provide and maintain libraries, community centres, and parks.

["Within your community" is shown in large block letters while the phrase "together with the mayor and the council's Governing Body" is shown sandwiched between "within your community". Then libraries, community centres and parks all appear illustrated with an icon to represent each amenity.]

They play an important role in preserving heritage and protecting the environment.

[An icon of the earth appears with a leaf wrapped around it.]

They also support local arts, culture and events and provide grants to help community organisations thrive.

["local arts, culture and events and grants" appear on screen separately illustrated with an icon to represent each.]

Every three years local boards develop a plan, based on community feedback which sets out the spending priorities for the next three years.

[As the words "develop a plan" appear, an icon of a clipboard appears at the bottom of the screen. A speech bubble icon appears with the words "community feedback and dollar sign icons appear alongside "spending priorities".

Local boards are at the heart of your community.

[As "at the heart of your community" appears on screen, it is accompanied by speech bubble icons with heart emojis inside.]

From community grants through to events and facilities near to where you live, your local board will have played a key part in making it happen.

To find out more or contact your local board, visit www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/localboards