How are lighting rules regulated in the Auckland Unitary Plan?

    The Auckland Unitary Plan Lighting Rules (Auckland Wide section E-24) outlines the lighting rules for each type of property. For example, it sets out specific lighting rules and measurements for the various types of residential zone properties, open space properties and businesses.

    Why is feedback not being sought on Industrial Cooling Water Towers?

    The proposal does not make any change to industrial cooling water tower system rules. Owners are required to register, test and maintain the system to minimise the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria. 

    A review of the rules found that the continuation of the current rules best minimises public health risks and protects the public.

    Why has the rule on feeding wild animals moved to the Animal Management Bylaw 2015?

    The feeding of wild or feral animals on private property rules is more appropriately addressed under the Animal Management Bylaw 2015. Moving the rule simplifies the Bylaw and ensures that the rules relating to animals are all together and easy to find.