Why are you upgrading this street?

    The streetscape improvements are part of a larger programme of work to regenerate Takapuna outlined in the Takapuna Framework Plan 2017. The project aims to:

    • Improve the journey to and from the Toka Puia car park building to the town centre for pedestrians and people on bikes
    • Attract people and support businesses in this area
    • Upgrade the environment to support major developments coming to the area including Gasometer sites, Waiwharariki Anzac Square, Takapuna Central, and nearby residential builds.

    Is this project related to the recent trial/changes that took place on this street?

    The project follows on from the Innovating Streets trial in 2020-2021, during which we co-designed, tested and trialled design elements on the street with the community. This included two iterations of on-ground testing with workshops, engagement and feedback avenues. We have used the feedback and observations from the trial to develop the Northcroft Street concept design.

    What changes are proposed to car parking?

    At the completion of the Innovating Streets trial there were 25 car parks, 2 accessible parks and 1 loading zone on Northcroft Street. We are proposing this goes down 9 car parks to 16 car parks, 2 accessible parks and 1 loading zone to provide space for planting, furniture and safe crossing points outside the Sentinel apartments.

    We could alter some of the 16 car parks to loading zones if we receive feedback that this is required.

    This balance of car parks and pedestrian and planting space works well as the 420-space car park building right on Northcroft and Huron Street was built to enable these types of changes to the streets.

    What about accessibility parking?

    We are not proposing changes to the number of accessible parks on the street. This will remain as two accessibility parks.

    Will Huron Street be upgraded?

    Auckland Council Healthy Waters is looking to improve stormwater management across Takapuna. This could affect the designs to upgrade Huron Street significantly but does not notably affect the designs to upgrade Northcroft Street. As a result, we are progressing with the design and construction of Northcroft Street first.

    This staged delivery plan also helps to mitigate construction disruption and people and traffic flow around the town centre. A proposal to upgrade Huron Street will be shared with the community at a later date.

    How will the experience of businesses be impacted by the proposed design?

    Our plans aim to increase the retail vitality of the street. Street parking – while reduced in some places to accommodate planting, furniture and safe pedestrian crossings – will be managed in a way that provides convenient short-stay parking for people to pop into shops and businesses, while the purpose-built Toka Puia car park building provides 420 off-street car parks for those who wish to spend more time in the neighbourhood.

    How does the proposed design address the wind tunnel effect on this street?

    Incorporating plenty of planting, once matured will help moderate wind speeds on the street and make walking along the street more comfortable.

    Will there be more shelter along the footpath?

    The proposed design includes a canopy shelter outside the Sentinel apartments. This area is one of the few areas without an overhead canopy between the car park building and the town centre. This area is also subject to down drafts off the Sentinel tower that these shelters will assist in mitigating.

    What type of planting is proposed?

    Early testing and trialling showed us that people liked having trees, but the ones used in the testing period were not appropriate. People liked the fact that there was colour and greenery but disliked the temporary trees and colours/patterns on the planter boxes.

    The design proposes more hardy trees, and more of them along the street, planted in the ground, rather than planter boxes.

    How will lighting be improved?

    The current street is significantly lacking in light. The design proposes extra lighting all along the street.

    Where are the proposed pedestrian crossing points?

    The design proposes a pedestrian crossing located outside the Sentinel apartments. We received strong feedback through early testing and trialling that the longer-term design needed to have this.

    We could add additional crossings mid-way along the street if we receive feedback that this is required.

    When will construction start?

    Currently, the target construction start date for the upgrade of the street is early-mid 2023 and this will be confirmed in the coming months.