Why is a new community centre being developed?

    Revitalising the Meadowbank Community Centre was one of the projects signalled in the 2014, 2017 and 2020 Ōrākei Local Board Plans.

    The local board wanted to ensure its community spaces were fit for purpose, met the needs of changing communities, and catered for expected growth in the Meadowbank, St Johns and Remuera areas. 

    Community feedback had already expressed a local desire for community facilities to be upgraded.

    Assessments of facilities at 29 St Johns Road and 22 Tahapa Crescent, Meadowbank, and 4 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, showed these community spaces were underused and not fit for purpose. The assessments also found that some community groups were using these facilities even though they did not meet their requirements.

    Tell me more about the proposed internal design

    The new community centre design will cater for a mix of new and existing community services and activities, including some that are currently provided at 22 Tahapa Crescent (Tahapa Crescent Hall), Meadowbank and formerly at 4 Victoria Avenue, Remuera.

    It will be 570m2 which is bigger than the existing community centre and Tahapa Crescent Hall combined. 

    Following consultation in 2017 and again earlier this year, we have an understanding of what services and activities our community would like access to. The internal design we are proposing is based on this information and creating flexible, multi-use spaces that can meet the changing needs of the community.

    We are now seeking the community’s comments to see if changes need to be made to the proposed internal design to ensure it will meet the community’s needs now and into the future. 

    How will the new community centre be funded?

    The new community centre will be delivered at no cost to rate payers. It will be funded from the sale of the airspace above the new Meadowbank Community Centre for the new homes, as well as the sale proceeds from the sale of 4 Victoria Avenue (complete) and eventually the sale proceeds of the Tahapa Crescent Hall.

    Who will own the completed building?

    Auckland Council will retain ownership of the completed community centre and most of the surrounding land.

    The development partner will own the titles to the apartments above the community centre and a residual portion of the land for residents’ parking.

    The development partner intends to construct and hold the apartments as a long-term investment as build-to-rent homes, meaning that the developer is building the development to hold on a long-term basis and the apartment units will have a durable build quality that is attractive and comfortable for long-term tenants.

    When will the Meadowbank Community Centre close?

    The centre will remain open until the development partner is ready to begin the construction phase. There are many milestones that need to be achieved before construction commences but we are aiming for construction to start by mid-2023.

    We anticipate that the centre will close by 31 March 2023 with construction activity to commence shortly after.

    Will Tahapa Crescent Hall close?

    Tahapa Crescent Hall will remain open until the new community centre is in operation.

    When will the new centre be open?

    We are working with the development partner to formulate an approved project timeline for the development, and this will include an estimated completion date.

    Who will manage the new centre once it is reopened?

    Auckland Council will initially manage the centre to provide the opportunity to understand how the new building works and how it is used by the community. The local board favour the community-led model for its community centres, empowering communities is a preferred approach in the council family, and will work towards this for the new community centre.

    What are the key milestones?

    Achieved milestones:

    1. Selection of the preferred development partner
    2. Conditional development agreement approved and signed
    3. Unclassified Local Purpose (Community Centre) Reserve status revoked 
    4. Resource consent lodgement
    5. Community centre internal fitout concept approved by the local board

    Upcoming milestones:

    1. Community consultation on proposed internal fitout concept
    2. Development agreement unconditional
    3. Detailed design phase concluded and development partner lodges building consent
    4. Building construction by the development partner 
    5. Development partner hands over community centre shell for internal fitout works
    6. Practical completion and code of compliance issued
    7. Meadowbank Community Centre opening

    Who are the decision makers?

    The Ōrākei Local Board is the decision maker.

    Where can my group/programme operate during the redevelopment?

    If you need help, Auckland Council staff will be happy to assist current user groups to find suitable temporary spaces to relocate to. These could include other council-owned or community-operated venues in the area. If a suitable venue is found, each group will be responsible for completing its relocation directly with the new venue provider.

    For relocation enquiries, contact Susan McGreal, Place Manager, Connected Communities, Auckland Council. Email: susan.mcgreal@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or phone 021 892 435.

    For community funding enquiries, contact Lucia Davis, Strategic Broker Ōrākei Local Board, Auckland Council. Email lucia.davis@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or phone 027 553 4800.

    What if the temporary space I move to is more expensive than my current space?

    If there is a difference between the current charges at Meadowbank Community Centre and your new venue, you can apply to the Ōrākei Local Board for a grant to cover the difference. The local board has committed to helping community groups operate during the redevelopment and hope they re-join the new community centre once it opens.