Glenbrook Beach coastal erosion response (voiceover)

This text matches the spoken dialogue in the powerpoint presentation.

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Franklin Local Board is seeking your feedback on options for the Glenbrook Beach coastal erosion response. The purpose of this short presentation is to give you an understanding of the options, and how you can give feedback.

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The overall strategy for the erosion control response is to ‘hold the line’. An initial analysis of the coastline and coastal processes has divided the beach into four sections – northern, central, southern and First Ave sections.

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For the northern section the proposal is to renourish the beach with imported sand. This will enhance the beach area, making the beach wider at high tide, with a raised berm between the sand and the reserve behind. The existing stormwater outfalls will be turned into groynes by enlarging and cladding them, with possible addition to two new groynes.

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You can see here the yellow sections of new sand and the two existing outfalls and optional two groynes. This is the only option for this section.

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You can see here the beach as it looks now, with the existing toilet block and playground on the reserve. Below is a cross section of what is proposed – the yellow area shows the new sand, the brown shows the raised berm which will have coastal planting on it.

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This shows an artist impression of a cross section at two locations. The top image shows the profile in the area between the toilet block and playground while the bottom image shows further down the beach.

Please note that while this image shows a concrete path and picnic table, these are not part of the project.

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In the central section we are proposing a combination of timber sea wall and coastal planting. There are three options and we want your feedback on your preferred option.

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These cross sections show the three options. Option a is a single timber sea wall with planting along a sloped crest. Option b is a higher single timber wall with an area of flat planting behind.

Option c is a dual stepped timber wall with flat planting between the walls and behind.

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Again here we have an artists impression of what a stepped wall might look like.

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For the southern section there are two options with a combination of timber sea wall and coastal

planting. We are seeking your feedback on the preferred option.

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Option a is a single vertical timber wall with flat area of planting behind. Option b is a dual vertical

timber wall with flat planting. Note this area has the road behind it and existing parking area.

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This artists impression shows how what a dual stepped wall might look like. Again note the concrete

path is not included in this project.

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For the First Ave section, the same two options as for the southern section apply. Please note, that

this First Ave section is not included in this project. Council will develop the detailed design and seek

resource consent, however this section is not part of this project.

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So here you have the same two options – either a single or dual vertical sea wall. We are seeking

your feedback on the preferred option.

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In terms of beach access there will be four sets of timber steps in southern and central section. The

existing steps at Fleet St and Beach Road will be upgraded and we are proposing two new access

points. The green arrows show the existing access points to be upgraded, and the red shows the

proposed new timber step access points. At the northern end in front of the reserve access would be

unimpeded, with two sand ladder access points.

Slide 16

You can see the entire length of beach here. The green arrow shows the existing ramp to be

upgraded, and the red shows the timber step access points. In the northern section the orange

arrows show the sand ladder access points. Note the path in this picture is part of the artists

impression only and not part of this project.

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Here you can see a ‘mood board’ for this project showing types of planting and an example of a sand

ladder and timber access stairs. We are interested to hear your feedback on the proposed access


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Here is an example of a stepped timber seawall at another beach.

Slide 19

Another example of showing planting and raised berm behind the wall

Slide 20

A close up of timber stair access point.

These are just examples – what we are proposing at Glenbrook Beach would look similar to this, but

not exactly the same as these photos.

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There are a number of ways you can give feedback.

You can go online to akhaveyoursay and complete the online survey. Theres also some Frequently

Asked Questions answered on the HYS site which you might find informative.

Or you can complete the paper feedback form. We will be delivering these to letterboxes in the

immediate beach area, or you could collect one from Waiuku Library.

You can also email any other feedback to

Consultation is open from 4th March until 1 April so please have your feedback in my 1st April.

Your feedback will be used to shape the recommendations on the erosion response. These

recommendations will go to the Franklin Local Board who will decide what mix of measures will be

put in place at a business meeting in the next few months. Once a decision has been made, the next

step is to develop detailed designs, with construction anticipated in 2023.

Please make sure you have your say.