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Muriwai Beach

by Cheryll Beatty,
We are the licensors who operate the Muriwai Beach Campground which is located within the Muriwai Regional Park. We lease the buildings from Auckland Council and run the business as a commercial operation.

The campground can cater for up approximately 400 guests and is fully equipped with modern facilities. Freedom camping is not permitted within Muriwai Regional Park but based on our experience every week there are people freedom camping in the car park directly opposite the campground entrance.

The Rangers are not able to issue fines they can merely ask people to move on but their requests are often ignored. The rangers finish work at 4pm so are unaware when Freedom Campers arrive after this time

In summary we don't believe there is a need for designated Freedom camping areas within the Auckland Region as their is a high number of affordable options provided by Parks, Doc and commercial campgrounds.

As stated freedom camping is not permitted within Muriwai but as there is no enforcement of the rules it continues to occur and renders the Freedom camping bylaws ineffectual.


Cheryll Beatty & Denise Mackle

Licensors - Muriwai Beach Campground

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