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Gross generalizations

by SBW,

I am tired of hearing stories about people finding poo etc in parks and blaming freedom campers.

Everybody has to do their business somewhere, and freedom campers become a convenient scape goat for what is a human need.

Freedom campers, such as ourselves are Auckland (also Waikato and BoP) rate payers - we are your people, we are not 'others', we deserve to use your facilities and not be shunned and locked out of using them. The way some freedom campers have been treated in Auckland (by the council) over lockdown has been aweful.

Shame on you Auckland City Council, every reserve and park in Auckland City with a carpark, should allow 2 or more properly self-contained vans. If you dont like the configuration of some vehicles, pass a bylaw on what you consider a properly configured self-contained vehicle.

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