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“Freedom” camping Waiheke

by Mako,

We are

permanent residents with young children. Last summer many spots we go to with our children early in the am (dogs have to be off beach by 10) were occupied by people sleeping in cars. It is a very jarring use of public recreational facilities and severely curtails enjoyment when beaches are clogged up with vehicles screened up windows and bodies. Kids ask questions about why people are in their cars at what is far into the morning for us and the whole scene with dirty dishes towels etc is deeply unpleasant. We have a campsite that’s fit for purpose and a wonderful spot. sleeping on beachfronts impedes access and enjoyment there is extremely limited parking on these beaches and this kind of camping in what is an urban area is not at all inline with the ideology of driving and parking up for a night It requires a ferry and is a destination not a stopover Cojncol does not police it and it creates all sorts of unpleasant tension

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Consultation has concluded