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Freedom camping polluting New Zealand

by tessah,

We personally have witnessed so many incidences with Freedom Camping that I believe it is ruining New Zealand and the experience that most of us want for locals and overseas visitors.

I've had an experience of sitting in the dunes, to have a smell nearby and discover it was human excrement, this is when we had young children running around with us. Beaches and seasides often have bits of toilet paper lying around decomposing. I like others look at some of the wagons with stickers on them and find it hard to believe they have a suitable toilet option inside. A sticker is easy to attach.

I've seen people washing out their kitchenware in the public bathrooms, not the most hygienic setup for anyone, and they hold up the bathrooms when others want to use them for the reason they were put there in the first place.

When we've travelled around NZ, all our beautiful lakes and foreshores are polluted with camping vans, to the point you can't even see or enjoy the shore yourself. There is washing hanging off vehicles, cooking taking place out the back of vehicles and washing up of dishes in the lake waters.

I personally have no issues with people travelling around in vans. It is something many NZers have done for decades all over the world. However, the ability to freedom camp has never been an option. We have wonderful camp grounds that are very affordable with appropriate facilities and this is where vans should remain. It will allow us all to enjoy the scenery of NZ on an equal level.

After all what is next, perhaps we could all just build our tiny house and plonk it on the beach front?

This is a time for New Zealand to reset and encourage the type of travelling we want to see in New Zealand post covid.

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