What does the draft plan do?

    The draft Auckland Golf Investment Plan sets the regional direction for future council investment in golf on publicly owned land across Auckland. It aims to ensure that all Aucklanders benefit from publicly owned land. The draft plan provides a clear framework for how decisions about the future use of and investment in publicly owned golf land will be made, who will make them, and when we expect they will be made.

    Why is the council proposing this plan?

    Auckland is growing and going through a period of rapid transformation. There are competing demands for land, including for community infrastructure and housing. This places pressure on Auckland Council to increase the benefits derived from our public investment, including publicly owned golf land. The current exclusive use of publicly owned land for golf is not sustainable. Some Aucklanders are missing out on the benefits of golf and the council also has to meet a wider range of community needs. In addition, private golf courses are capitalising on increasing land values and market forces are driving change across the Auckland golf sector.

    Who is participating in golf now?

    Over 100,000 Aucklanders play golf annually. However, participation by women, young people and non-Europeans is low. There is also little variety in the service offering across Auckland golf courses. Almost all of Auckland’s golf courses are traditional 18-hole development-level course suitable for more experienced golfers, which are declining in number, and there are few places for people to get started in golf.

    Does this mean there will be no more council-owned or managed golf courses in the future?

    The draft Auckland Golf Investment Plan details how the council will continue to invest in golf. It aims to open up publicly owned golf land to other users with new play spaces, walking, running and cycling paths and other sport and recreation activities. The draft plan’s objective is to provide a broad range of golf experiences and pathways that attract and retain participants with services targeted at low participation groups. It also aims to ensure publicly owned golf land is environmentally sustainable, energy neutral and carbon positive.

    What does this mean for my local golf course(s)?

    The draft Auckland Golf Investment Plan provides strategic regional direction but does not make any decisions about specific golf courses on council-owned or managed land. Any future investment decisions regarding specific golf courses will be made on a case-by-case basis according to the process outlined in the draft plan (see page 21). The timing of these decisions will be driven by the expiration of current leases.

    What could happen to my local golf course(s)?

    When a lease is nearing its end, the council will put together an indicative business case to present to decision-makers with a range of policy options designed to increase benefits to all Aucklanders. These options include:

    • the status quo (i.e. no change)
    • providing a broad range of golf experiences
    • providing new sport and recreation opportunities
    • developing open space (to include walking and cycling tracks, playgrounds, etc)
    • selling part or all of the land. 

    How do I know when a decision will be made about my local golf course(s)?

    Eight leases for golf courses on council-owned or managed land come to an end before 2028 (see page 23). Local boards will make decisions about individual leases. The concerned golf courses will be kept up-to-date with the development. We will also work alongside those with longer leases to achieve equity, participation and environmental outcomes.